Like many programmers, besides my work at various full-time jobs, I have a huge graveyard of side projects. I started programming as a kid around the year 2000, and have had “the next big idea” many times. Most of these projects were very half-baked and belong in the graveyard, the details about them lost forever to the sands of time. However, I thought it’d be nice to write a little more about some of other others here.

All Night FM (https://allnight.fm)

This site is technically live , although traffic is mostly gone. The project was originally named All Day I Stream but had to be renamed due to a trademark dispute.

While it’s mostly defunct now, this project had by far the most popularity of any site I’ve worked on, including being featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Originally, at the start of COVID, my friend had a spreadsheet tracking music livestreams that were rapidly popping up during lockdown. I was asked to turn that spreadsheet into a website. I started out by just suggesting SquareSpace. However, we wanted to add a lot of customization, including “Zoom parties”, and featured streams, and it all became very difficult to do within SquareSpace. So I migrated it to a Django website hosted on Google App Engine (I fell in love with Django coming from PHP in the early 2010s, and I often use GCP since I worked there for 3 years).

Moreso than the stream listings, the Zoom parties became very popular. At one point we had several with 500 attendees in a row (the max Zoom capacity). Over time though, the enthusiasm settled down and “Zoom fatigue” settled in, and coupled with having to rename the site due to a trademark dispute, most of the enthusiasm for the site went down. At the same time, most music livestreams converged to a few big music labels that consistently streamed on Twitch, reducing the need for a centralized aggregator. I still keep the site up, scraping the listing from various sources, and I have a few ideas on how I could improve the site further, but I’ve mostly moved onto new projects.